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ARTS 161 Drawing Kit

ARTS 161 Drawing tote contains:
x1 12pc. Sketch Pencil set
x1 12pc Extra Soft Vine Charcoal pack
x1 4pc. Black Soft Pastel Set
x1 4pc. Conte Crayon Set (black, brown,red,white) x1 3x4" Small Chamois
x1 8pc. Blending Stump Set x1 Metal Sharpener
x1 18x24", 24sheet Recycled Drawing Pad
x1 18x24" 100 sheet Rough Newsprint Pad
x1 8.5x11" Wirebound Sketchbook
x1 3pc Art Eraser Set (Kneaded, Gum, White Vinyl)
x1 24" Stainless Steel Cork Back Ruler
x1 24x27" Art Porfolio with Sketch Board

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Price: $75.00

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