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Shipping FAQ

Q. I ordered some textbooks online, but not all were shipped. Where are my textbooks?

If any textbooks/ items that you ordered were no in stock they were not shipped. Any book that is out of stock in store is also out of stock online. Books that are on back ordered are filled as soon as they come in to the store and you will receive an additional email when they are processed. If they books are being shipped through UPS they will be shipped once processed.

Some items such as clothing may no longer be available once sold out. This is unfortunately due to manufacturers changings product styles so often and we are unable to special order single items and not something the store has control

Q. I ordered Textbooks and had them shipped to another LCCC campus, when can I pick them up?

Any textbooks sent out through the dropships are picked up when a staff member is able to collect them, normally around 1 to 2 times a week, depending on their schedules. Drop Ship orders are not delivered directly to a home address. When the books arrive at the selected campus, a staff member will Call and inform you the order is ready for pick up at that location. If you do not hear from them, please contact the bookstore and we will either try and get a confirmation from them, or provide you with the campus’ contact information. When the drop ship locations are no longer available on the checkout page and there is a reminder on the home page of the bookstore’s website, there is no longer a staff member able to come and pick the books up. This means the orders will be available at the bookstore in the College Center building on LCCC’s Main Campus in Elyria.

Our system will automatically send an email saying your order is ready to be picked up at the bookstore. Unfortunately it is not something we can alter depending on the shipment method.


Q. I had my books sent to a drop-ship but I don’t know what that is and I need my books. What do I do?

We fill orders according to the shipment methods on the order. Due to the large number of orders being processed it is impossible to verify that every shipment being sent out is correct.

  1. You can either pick up your books from that drop-ship where they were sent or
  2. We can recall the order from them. However, the order will not be returned to us until the next time a staff member stops by our campus, normally once a week until the first week of classes.

Q. I moved and my address changed, what do I need to do?

Please make sure that ALL address changes are done BEFORE you place your order. Our system does not automatically update that information once the order is placed. Always make sure that when you change your address on your account that it is the address that shows in your shipping/billing address during the checkout process. If your billing/shipping addresses do not match what we have on file, OR the order is being shipped outside of Ohio and it is not the address we have on file you may receive a phone call from us to verify that shipment.


Q. Can I have textbooks shipped to my home, or out of state?

Yes.  Our shipment policy is that any order being shipped outside of Ohio must be reviewed to help protect against fraudulent orders but understand that we do have LCCC students that live outside of Ohio. If your shipping address is different than what we have on file, we will simply give you a call to confirm the shipment is going to the address listed in the shipment details.

UPS does not ship to P.O Boxes

Q. I am a CCP Student, can I have my textbooks shipped to my home?

CCP funds do not cover UPS Shipping. You can have the books sent to the nearest drop ship to be picked up, or shipping can be paid out of pocket. If you would like the books shipped and are paying out of pocket, please give us a call at (440)366-7515 so we can walk you through the process to insure that the whole order is not charged to a credit card.