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Misc. Supplies
Assorted Blending Stumps 8pk
Assorted Blending Stumps 8pk
Price: $2.00
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Assorted Linoleum Cutting Set
This linoleum cutter assortment is crafted from high-quality steel and
is hand-ground with edges ideal for cutting either soft or hard substrates.
The handle is made of hard plastic with a comfort
grip handle and hand-adjustable metal chuck.

-Cutter handle
-Small V
-Large V
-Small U gouge
-Large U gouge
-Knife linoleum cutter

Price: $11.25
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Blair No Odor Spray Fix
No order, workable spray fixative, 12 oz

Price: $10.99
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Blick Blue Easy Cut Lino Sheet

Working with traditional lino tools, Easy-To-Cut cuts beautifully, leaving smooth, clean edges. Blick Blue Easy-To-Cut works well on curves and tight corners. Its shelf life can be up to ten times longer than that of traditional linoleum.

Item listing is for one 9x12" Sheet
Price: $7.99
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Bulldog Clip
High quality, multi purpose metal clips for holding a variety of art, watercolor or drawing papers as well as reports, charts and magazines.

Price: $1.20
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White Foam Board 20"x30"
Single sheet of white foam board 20x30 inches
**This Item is Not Eligible for Shipping**

Price: $2.15
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